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Editing Services

Learn more about my various editing services and find out which one is the best fit for your project. I offer everything from proofreading to a comprehensive package....

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“I’ve found my editor with Erin Liles and In a Perfect Word Editing. She jumped in on book three of a trilogy and did an excellent job!”

~Alex Myers,
author of The Time Change Books

“Erin is the best! She is meticulous, her edits are appropriate to the style of my novel, and she offers concise reasoning for her deletions or additions.”

~Ted Strahan,
author of The Terrorist Mind

“I found Erin professional and very easy to work with. She completed my edits in a timely manner, and I was very happy with the quality of her work.”

~Aikoi Shelomeck,
author of A Boy Named Chrisangelo

“What struck me most about Erin was her professionalism and dedication in shaping my manuscripts into the best possible books they could be.”

~Stuart West, author of Godland

“Erin Liles is an editor, a very good editor. When I think of her, the words that leap out are professional, skillful, thoughtful, diligent, timely, personable and extraordinary value.”

~Jeffrey Minch, writer

“Erin is an absolute joy to work with! She completely understood my style, and every suggestion worked to enhance my writing rather than constrain it.”

~Kaitlyn Davis,
bestselling author

“Every writer needs a good editor. Over the past few months I have been truly blessed to have my work crafted by Erin Liles, who is not just good but GREAT.”

~James Jacobs,
author of No Ordinary Season

“I totally love Erin’s professionalism, availability, and passion. She does both my developmental and copy editing. My work is so, so much better once she’s gone through it.”

~Martine Lewis,
author of the Gray Eyes series

“Erin made the editing process very painless. In addition to getting my manuscript sculpted into something that I can be confident in, I also learned a lot along the way.”

~Jonathan Anderson,
author of Guns and Bones

  • Alex Myers
  • Ted Strahan
  • Aikoi Shelomeck
  • Stuart West
  • Jeffrey Minch
  • Kaitlyn Davis
  • James Jacobs
  • Martine Lewis
  • Jonathan Anderson